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Dubuquers Making a Difference

During this crisis, Dubuquers have stepped up to make a difference for their community and their neighbors.  Read some of their stories, and share who has impacted you.

Rahim Akrami


Ever since he moved to Dubuque, Rahim has exemplified the idea of public service. This has especially been true since the outbreak of COVID-19, even as the virus has impacted his ability to work and live in the U.S.

Marlynn Livai-Larron

The single mother of six children, the COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for Marlynn. But when the crisis made its way to Dubuque, and to Marlynn's own Marshallese family and friends, she stepped forward to help build a healthier and safer community.


Jakyra Bryant

Jakyra was working hard and thriving before COVID-19 hit.  But over the next few months her life changed, as she became not only a student, but also an essential worker and a local leader for social change.


Mauricio Castañeda


Even while stuck inside his home as a result of the pandemic, Mauricio has still stayed active in the community. Now he helps coordinate desperately needed deliveries of food, supplies, and information to families from his native Guatemala.

Suzie Stroud

Suzie 1.jpg

As the Social Worker for the Pacific Islander Health Project at Crescent Community Health Center, Suzie has been in the fight against COVID-19 since before Dubuque's first confirmed case.

Yara Lopez

Yara was always proud of being fluent in both Spanish and English.  But the COVID-19 outbreak showed her how vitally important those skills could be for people in her community.


Read Other Stories from Across Dubuque

Read stories submitted by people across Dubuque telling about the everyday heroes who have helped our community during this crisis.

Submit Your Own Story

Has someone you know gone above and beyond during this crisis, helping with groceries, medical support, or anything else either large or small during this difficult time?  Submit your own story, and we may post in our Submitted Stories section.

Whitney Sanger

When Whitney first thought up the idea for Project Rooted - a nonprofit dedicated to giving all children access to nutrition, fresh, and local food - she had no idea the role she would play fighting hunger during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Khalea Neal

Khalea Neal.jpeg

The COVID-19 outbreak has hit students hard, but Khalea is not only working to help them through this crisis, but also to make the Dubuque school system more representative and welcoming.

Mariah Garner


When Mariah saw the impact the COVID-19 outbreak was having on her students at Jefferson School, she did what she always does when faced with a new and unfair environment: She poured herself into bringing about change.

Alan O'Brien

When Nathan, a 45-year-old Hills & Dales client on the autism spectrum, was diagnosed with COVID-19, Alan made a commitment to stay with Nathan throughout his quarantine. They were isolated together for 36 days.

Alan O'Brien.jpg

Trini Olivera

While Trini had to work hard to bring Spanish immersion to her students through online learning, the biggest challenge COVID-19 threw at her was the need to make sure there would be enough teachers at Holy Family Schools for language classes to return in the fall.


Corey Young and

Rio Suave


For Corey and Rio, the COVID-19 outbreak posed a serious threat to the survival of their new nonprofit organization, Key City Pride. They responded by redoubling their efforts and working to unify Dubuque in the face of this crisis.

Stan Samson

Stan Samson.jpg

Paradise Church is usually a gathering place and a center of community for the Marshallese in Dubuque.  But when COVID-19 hit, Pastor Stan shifted focus to provide quarantine facilities for those in need.

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