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Support Dubuque's Diverse Businesses

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

As Dubuque has grown more diverse in the past 10 years, so has its business community — and the 2nd Annual Young enTRAPreneur Pop Up that was hosted on July 19 aimed to showcase this. Nearly two-thirds of participating businesses are owned by Black or Brown Dubuquers. The event’s organizer, Marcus Washington, believes strongly in community, which is why he wanted to both highlight emerging entrepreneurs and make the event child- and family-friendly. He asked that attendees wear a mask or purchase one of the Marley Masks that will be on sale during the event.

Below are further details about some of the diverse businesses that were showcased at the event:

Bella Allure Minkz and Boutique LLC

Phone: (563) 235-9115

Bella Allure Minkz and Boutique sells women’s clothing, shoes, purses, eyelashes, and custom made fur slides, sandals, and more. The owner Erica feels that the community in Dubuque is her foundation, and she is driven by a mission of female empowerment for women of all colors.Having launched Belle Allure Minkz and Boutique in March, and now in the process of renovating a storefront at 17th and Central, Erica is looking to bring high quality fashion to Dubuque and her community.


Phone: (608) 897-6991

Empowermental works to help its clients find and inspire their best and true selves. They offer self-defense and martial arts classes, tarot and pendulum readings, and diverse wooden creations including shelves, cabinets, and cutting boards. Eryka the owner has over seventeen years of self-defense teaching experience, and focuses on enabling students to be aware of their surroundings, trust their gut, and use their voice. She also offered pendulum and tarot readings during the Young enTRAPreneurs event.

Gemini Designs

Instagram: @gemini_designs05

Phone: (563) 564-7449

Gemini Designs provides customized and personalized products ranging from cups to clothing. Starting with just a single Cricut machine, after three years Gemini Designs has grown into a company that is meeting the specified needs of the community. Committed to giving people what they want, they will even help in the design process by producing custom mockups for their customers.

Prolific Creations

Instagram: @prolific.creations

Phone: 708-238-6138 (call or text)

Prolific Creations specializes in customizing a variety of items, giving them a desired, personal touch! Options include, drinkware (water bottles, coffee mugs, wine glasses, etc.), memorial tiles, clothing, baby shower and birthday decorations, and more. They take pride in providing the Dubuque community items that come exactly as envisioned for personal use or gifting purposes. While many times larger businesses won’t give you exactly what you want, Prolific Creations’ personal focus allows customers to come up with an idea, and then see it brought to life.

The Sadity Collection

Phone: (563) 495-3216

The Sadity Collection is an online boutique women’s clothing store that provides unique and different styles. The Sadity Collection’s owner, Diamond Ashley, is working to provide the closest thing to affordable designer and high fashion for women in Dubuque.

Tri-Phoenix Group, LLC

Tri-Phoenix Group, LLC assists creative professionals and entrepreneurs with their business, branding, and media management. This includes music distribution and artist management for musicians looking to build their careers and audience. Tri-Phoenix Group also coordinates events, assists with personal development, and produces original media, including the Great People to Know series. Let Tri-Phoenix group be the one-stop resource for creative professionals that covers all your needs.

Young and Filthy

Young and Filthy is an urban clothing brand with an international reach, but that is focused on Dubuque’s community. That is why Young and Filthy’s owner, Marcus Washington, organized the Young enTRAPreneur Pop Up in order to showcase and support local Dubuque businesses. New products like the Marley Mask – a designer mask that provides both style and protection – also highlight that commitment.


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